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BNWT: Sugar Cane Union Star Jeans W32


Tag Size: W32 L34
Waist: 32-33 inch
Front Rise: 11.5 inch
Back Rise: 15 inch
Length: 45.7 inch
Inseam: 33.7 inch
Thigh: 11.5 inch
Knee: 9 inch
Leg Opening: 8.7 inch


The Union Star is the latest release under the Sugar Cane brand! Japanese selvage denim is regarded by denim heads and experts as the cream-of-the-crop and Sugar Cane selvage denim is the creme de la creme. Sugar Cane Vintage Selvage Denim Jeans are for those who can appreciate the myriad of nuances and character found in the finest single-malt scotch, the clearest, most-colorless diamond or a hand-crafted, centuries-old oriental rug. Manufactured from the finest double ring-spun Zimbabwe cotton (considered the finest in the world for denim manufacture), these were the premium, authentic, heavy-weight, selvage-denim dungarees worn by real cowboys and laborers in the first half of the 20th century, back before there were “jeans.” America seemingly lost the desire to manufacture dungarees true to their original ancestry somewhere in the late 1960’s. Both the original fit and denim type of such classics as Levi’s 501 XX dungarees and Lee’s 101B’s continue to be further diluted to this day, whereby only the style names remain unchanged. The name, ”jeans,” has become the vernacular for faux denim fashion wear that masquerades as the tough, classic waist overalls history made famous. You see, “dungarees” are what John Wayne and Gary Cooper wore when fighting off Indians and bad guys. Dungarees are what Marlon Brando and James Dean wore when fighting off girls. And it was dungarees that were worn when the depression-era farmer fought off the bank, the wartime steel worker welded the ships of victory and Mr. Jones entered the army. Sadly, all we have today are “jeans,” until now…

The selvage-denim dungarees of the “good old days” are slightly higher-wasted, fit looser in the seat and had a straight-leg design commonly called the “stovepipe.” Denim was really tough back then, too, and, when new, rather rigid (for those who want dungarees a bit softer than unwashed, please order one-wash finish). The shuttle looms that fabricated the selvage denim were narrower and vastly slower than the high-speed looms of today, producing a totally different weave and texture within the fabric, as well as a different selvage edge. It is this older selvage denim type that gives the vintage selvage-denim dungarees their interesting and totally unique character-rich look once they are worn and faded from use (this worn-in look is available new from the factory for those who desire this look immediately – see Sugar Cane’s hard-washed denim on this web site). Likewise, it is the slower shuttle looms and quality of cotton and denim employed that make these selvage-denim dungarees more costly than those made of inferior denim on the high-speed contemporary looms so ubiquitous in today's dumbed-down society of mediocrity.

The Union Star is a throwback to a design the original parent brand of Sugar Cane once produced in the early 1960’s. Before there was Sugar Cane, the parent brand offered numerous clothing articles for sale at military PX’s to U. S. military personnel based on U. S. military installations in Japan, and one such item was a super-durable five-pocket denim dungaree that featured a star stitch design on the rear pockets. The star stitch design represents the star identification marking used on U. S. military vehicles and aircraft, which originates from the stars found in the blue field of the U. S. flag. The leather patch on the right rear waist is formed in the basic shape of the outline of the USA’s mainland landmass, which is yet another unique characteristic of this dungaree style that pays homage to America and the roots this style has with Americans. Sugar Cane has masterfully recaptured the true color, look, fit, feel, quality and durability of the their original Union Star design, which retains the stovepipe non-tapered legs, high-rise waist that’s a bit nippy, button-fly closure and 14.5-ounce denim. Many American military personnel brought their Union Star’s home with them once they arrived back in the USA, only to be frustrated when find they couldn’t get a dungaree as good as the Union Star once their Union Star’s finally yielded to time and hard use. Sugar Cane Union Star dungarees are like a resumption of the production of a long-lost classic rather than a reproduction or copy. Now you can grab a pair of jeans just like our dedicated military personnel based in Japan once did; take note of these authentic features and details found only on a premium, selvage-denim dungaree of this pedigree:

• Button-fly, five-pocket construction
• Famous, hidden reinforcing rivets on rear pockets to prevent scratching of saddles and furniture
• High-rise, vintage waist
• Copy of the original-style paper tags and labels employed on the outer packaging of the original Union Star dungarees
• Genuine leather patch in the shape of the USA and embossed with Sugar Cane logo and a hand-stitched five-pointed star design
• Custom manufacturing of the correct, heavy 14.5-ounce, double ring-spun selvage denim produced on the original narrow shuttle looms employed back in the 1930’s, including a color and weave matching to the shade of blue utilized in the manufacture of the original Union Star dungarees with red-line selvage edge
• Custom manufacturing of copper rivets and buttons to precisely match design style, size and dimension of the vintage pieces
• Custom manufacturing of the beautiful Sugar Cane buttons that duplicate the look of those found on the original Union Star’s
• Custom manufacturing of the heavy, all-cotton twill to fabricate pockets, not the thin weaves found on jeans made today
• Exact duplication of original stitch style throughout construction
• Exact two-color grade matching of the all-cotton thread employed in original manufacture
• Exact duplication of the Union Star rear pocket shape, attachment stitching and the five-pointed USA star design
• Riveted watch pocket 


Brand New With Tag (BNWT)


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